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Editor Tools Plugin


The editor tools plugin is a collection of tools that enhance the workflow in the Unreal Engine. The system is built so to allow the addition of new tools that get automatically registered and added in the relevant menus.


The two tools shown in the short video are a "Material Overrider" and a "Console Command Enhancer". The "Material Overrider" offers a button for overriding all the materials of a static mesh with a single material, upon doing so the selection of static meshes materials overridden gets saved creating a new entry in the list of selections. Each selection can be highlighted so to better remember which meshes were overridden at once, moreover, each selection can be restored separately. Finally, all selections can be restored at once.


The "Console Command Enhancer" simply allows to add or remove console commands to the list of registered commands so that instead of having to type them in the console they can be clicked as buttons. Any number of commands can be deleted or added.


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