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Text To Speech Plugin


The "Text to Speech" plugin brings windows built-in TTS capabilities to the Unreal Engine and further enhances them with new editor tools. Such tools allow for an easier workflow while developing an experience using text to speech. The plugin is particularly useful while prototyping an experience/game and the tools coming with the plugin better allow for faster iteration of the product in development. 


The plugin is divided into the runtime library and the editor only tools. The runtime library allows to:

  1. Get all voices available

  2. Get all voices by language

  3. Perform text to speech by directly typing text or using a dedicated voice table asset

  4. Set the voice, rate and volume

  5. Generate an audio file from text and load sound at runtime


The editor tools offer a dedicated new asset in which to specify the voice, volume and rate of the voice, as well as, text that can be easily retrieved by title. The latter asset can then be easily utilised with the blueprint node "Speak" which requires the voice table asset and the title of the text to play. Finally, a newly dedicated button on the editor toolbar brings up the voice generation window which automatically turns a voice table asset into both audios and UE4 sound assets with a single click.


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