VR Debug Plugin

Version 1.5

1.5 Improvements and Changes

  • Level blueprint is listed as an actor inside the actor inspector and the actor functions widget.

  • Fully implemented reflection library.

  • Modified reflection library for 4.25 forward compatibility.

  • Actor functions module can now run functions with parameters.

  • Improved performance on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.

  • If commands list INI file doesn't exist a default one gets auto-generated.

  • Updated written and video documentation.

1.5 bug fixes

  • Fixed scaling VR debug widgets. Scaling was broken when looking in certain directions.

  • Actor functions module cleans the parameter list when selecting a new function.

Version 1.4

1.4 Improvements and Changes

  • Implemented run blueprint custom event on an actor.

  • Implemented new map modules to load packaged maps, hide and unhide sub-levels (no set up required).

  • Removed support for changing widget press type, this allowed implementing new features.

  • Converted all customisation colours in the VR Debug Component to a struct.

  • Consolidated 2 save game blueprint classes into one.

  • Improved laser beam material.

  • Added cursor on the laser beam.

  • Redesigned overall widgets look and layout.

  • Added feedback for when the buttons are clicked and when they are clickable.

  • Made blueprint log module scrollable horizontally.

  • Re-built example projects for testing before buying.

  • Removed info tab and added nicer submenus for helpful links.

  • Tested on all platforms Windows Mixed Reality, Quest, Rift-S, Oculus Go, Vive Controllers and Knuckles.

  • Tested plugin extensively with VR Template.

1.4 bug fixes

  • In 4.24 if spawn blueprint log is ticked getting the controllers; reference fails.

  • Blueprint Log max messages generate an infinite loop when capped to a low value.

  • Vive Trigger button doesn't work in 4.24 to interact with the widget.

  • Restoring a command in Console Command Editor gets rid of all the red highlighted edited commands.

  • Cannot use trigger button when auto spawning blueprint log.

  • The laser beam is still displayed when the debug actor is hidden.

  • Selecting text and scrolling with scroll boxes is often problematic.

  • Crash engine or app when undoing commands.

  • Console command module history list only gets displayed when running the first time then it's empty.

  • Grab handle for moving the widget sometimes grabs even when pointing away.

  • Console command module textbox doesn't scroll to end of the word while typing.

  • When free-flying with a pawn that has controllers parented to it the controllers get offset.

  • Hiding and showing the debug widget doesn't update its rotation to always be in front of you.

  • When rotating using the movements module the VR Debug Widget doesn't rotate.

  • Screenshots are saved upside down on android when using Vulkan.

  • Get all actor functions and events return also functions and events generated by blueprint timelines.

  • Quick menu (screenshots and undo) cannot be used with oculus go controller because of lack of 6 DOF.

  • The laser beams are still displayed when hovering widget grabbable arrows.

  • Scale widget logic breaks some times.


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